Realizing that we share common goals and aspirations as workers of Prefos Ltd, there is the need to come together as people under one fraternity to champion the welfare of the workers of our noble company. In as much as we desire to support each other's welfare in our Company, this constitution shall be a binding legal document that Prefos Workers Welfare Association shall respect and refer to in all matters of jurisdictions of the association.

General Aim and Objective

The constitution shall serve as a legal document for reference point to seek the interest and the welfare of its members and the company in general.

Specific Aims and Objectives

The following shall be the specific aims and objectives of the Association;

  • To foster closer relationships and pull resources and ideas to help each other when the need arises.
  • To serve as mediator between the workers and Management of the company.
  • To channel and champion the grievances of its members to the appropriate authorities of the company.
  • To resolve conflicts and misunderstandings among its members and the Authority.


The executives of the association shall consist of the following;

  • Chairman/Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Financial Secretary/Treasurer
  • Organizer/P.R.O
  • Patron

Assisting Executives

  • Vice Chairman
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Assistant treasurer
  • Assistant Organizer


The executives of the association shall consist of the following;

1. Membership shall be opened to all workers of Prefos Ltd, irrespective of tribe, religion, social and political affiliation.

2. Each employee shall be enrolled into the association by filling and submitting a membership form.
The completed form shall be submitted personally by the intending member to the Association's secretariat within a period of one week.

3. The membership form shall be available to the intending member from any offices of the company.

4. The Association shall not restrict or deny any member, the decision to opt out of the association.