Construction of Streetlight Infrastructure in the Hohoe Municipality

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Construction Of Streetlight Infrastructure. - Ghana
Location within Country:
  • Greater  Accra  Region – Dome Kwabenya
  • Volta Region –  Hohoe
  • Upper East Region
  • Bongo
  • Karaga
  • Northern Region
Name of Client:

Ministry of Energy (Government of Ghana)

March 2019 - September 2019

Narrative Description of Project:

The overall objective of the project is as follows:

1. To provide security, road safety and promote socio-economic development.

2. To harmonize standards and best practices in street lighting development.

3. To establish appropriate development, ownership, operation, and maintenance (O&M) regime 4. To institute a realistic street lighting levy to pay for electricity consumed in street lights and cater for their repair and maintenance.

5. To develop street lighting in accordance with approved standards and guidelines

Prefos undertook design Validation as well as environmental management & Safety Plans for the high-efficiency Street lighting retrofit implementation which was subjected to supervision by the appointed Consultant.

Specifically included:

·         Preparation of  the project development methodology, procedures, and schedules for the high-efficiency Street lighting.

·         Prefos was required to meet standards, design, and technical specifications as approved by the Consultant.

·         Preparation of lighting classification and selection, performance requirements, documentation, and quality assurance.

·         Preparation of the luminaire requirements, detailed luminaire attributes for acceptance.

·         Design and supply of materials

·         Installation of LED streetlights.

·         Testing / Commissioning

·         Reporting requirements and Training

·         Supply of Mandatory Spare parts

Scope of work

The supply & installation of energy-efficient streetlights which include the scope of works as contained in the Contract were as follows;

  • 1,366No. 150 watts LED Luminaires
  • 1,366No. Photocells
  • 1,366No.Galvanised steel poles
  • 5,464 meters of 4x25mm2 Aluminium cables
  • Erection of substation and other accessories and equipment
  • Testing and commissioning of works
  • Preparation of project management documentation including Quality management plans, environmental & safety management plan
  • Methodology
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