Prefos 2024 Thanksgiving Celebration

It’s here again…!!! The annual thanksgiving, prayer and fasting celebration comes again with it’s usual power-packed and blessings with the season’s ministers of God and gospel artists. It’s happening live in Kumasi from 8th to 13th of January, 2024.


Venue: Prefos Factory Premise, Adako Jachie, near Ejisu-Kumasi

Time: 8:00 am each day

Join us for a joyous Thanksgiving celebration. Come! Let’s reflect on the positives of the past year as we dance to soul soothing music from renowned gospel artists and listen to the anointed men of God.  You don’t want to miss this thrilling experience!!

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  • January 3, 2024

    Thomas Dwomoh

    Great to be part…

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