In a bid to expand its production capacity in Africa and create more jobs for the youth, Prefos Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 3Brothers Company Limited of Egypt to work together for the mutual benefit of both companies. As part of the agreement, 3Brothers will assist Prefos Ltd to set up LED and solar lighting assembly line in Kumasi to assemble and distribute solar and LED solutions, flood lighting, street lighting, outdoor and indoor lighting luminaries to the Ghanaian and West African markets. The two companies will also have a common trade name for their products, in addition to working together to develop and maintain a network of contacts, agents and business links within the sub region to promote their business interests. The Managing Director of Prefos Limited, Wendy Agyemang Duah signed on behalf of Prefos Limited, while the Deputy Director of 3 Brothers and head of the delegation initialed for her company.

Representatives of 3 Brothers Limited have paid a working visit to the Prefos factory at Adako-Jachie to familiarize themselves with the company’s activities in Kumasi. The delegation was led by Madam Eirini Meshil, a Deputy Director of the company. Speaking at a press briefing, Madam Eirini commended Prefos for its massive factory facilities and expressed satisfaction at the level of investments Prefos has made in the factory. They toured the factory floor, visited the Poles Site at IPT, the carport, the Prefos Electrical Training Center, and the showroom. They later had a closed door discussion with the Chief Executive Officer of Prefos Limited, Alexie K. Fosu in his office.

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